Switch your parking spot and get rewared

Parking Switch lets you search for available parking spots around your place and also switch your parking spot for huge rewards.

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what is parking switch

What is Parking Switch?

In today’s developing world; although our lives are getting exponentially easier with every passing day, we have lost a lot of simplicity which once existed.

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How Parking Switch Works?

Parking Switch is an easy to use application which can be downloaded on to your android phone.

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what is parking switch

Know More About Our App


For every switching and finding

You will be rewarded with tons of coupons and offers from our merchants.

Rewards Page

Where you can see all your coupons and offers


The login contains a field to fill in username and password. Other option such as login using Google also available to make things easier.


Signing up is easy, filling up your basic information such as your mobile number and your email, password

Edit profile

This feature allows you to edit your profile at your convenience to change your profile picture, maintain your vehicle details.


Switcher Button

The switcher button is used when you are ready to exchange your parking spot for the certain rewards. Once you tap the switcher, your work is done. System will automatically send the reward to you.

Finder Concept

Whoever using our app and looking for the parking will be consider as a finder. Use our app and find your parking space and unlock your rewards.

Parking History

This window shows the history of all parking transactions, including pending and completed, cancled status.


A review is given by the finder to the switcher and vice versa. This review will be seen by finder and switchers you communicate with in the future.


50+ Reward Partners


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get parking without spending single penny?

Yes, you can get it. We have listed tons of free parking slots.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards.

Can I be a switcher and finder both?

Yes, you can. Our app lets you to do so.

Download on Playstore

Currently available for Android only. We are working on other platforms and will be available soon. Follow us to get notified on further updates.

*Android Lollipop 5.0 and above.

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