Switch your parking spot and get rewared

Parking Switch lets you search for available parking spots around your place and also switch your parking spot for small reward.

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what is parking switch

What is Parking Switch?

In today’s developing world; although our lives are getting exponentially easier with every passing day, we have lost a lot of simplicity which once existed.

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How Parking Switch Works?

Parking Switch is an easy to use application which can be downloaded on to your android phone.

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what is parking switch

Know More About Our App


Home Page

The home page of the app consists of your profile picture, two selection options where you choose whether you are a switcher or a finder, a reminder option which acts as an alarm to remind you to start switching either as a switcher or a finder and a GPS locator.

The Menu

The menu on the left top corner of the home page consists of your basic information such as your user name, the total credits you have, your current cash balance on the app. And also the customer reviews you have received. The other features the menu has are:

  1. Your parking switch wallet
  2. An option to edit your profile
  3. Chat platform
  4. Switcher Parking History
  5. Finder Parking History
  6. Help
  7. Logout option.


The login contains a field to fill in username and password. Other options such as login using Facebook, Google or Twitter are also available to make things easier.


Signing up is easy, filling up your basic information such as your mobile number with the country code, your preferred username and your password.

Edit profile

This feature allows you to edit your profile at your convenience change your profile picture username and other such information that the app requires.


The wallet allows you to view your current balance and also choose your method of payment, we currently use Pay U Money which allows the user to use easy cashless payments which are hassle free and also allows the user to withdraw the current balance through their source of payment once the minimum amount required for withdrawal is reached.


The chat is the basic inbox for the switcher and finder to communicate through. Chatting with either the switcher or the finder consumes 10 credits exclusively for the very first time you chat using the application, after which all chats are free.


Switcher Button

The switcher button is used when you are ready to exchange your parking spot for a certain reward either in cash or credits. Once you tap the switcher button you see your current location and an option to fill up the landmark so as to disclose your current location to the finder that you choose to exchange your parking spot with. It also requires you to fill up the duration for which you are going to use the parking spot, i.e.; you will be asked to give specific timings at which you have parked and at the time at which you plan on exiting the parking area, therefore making it available for the finder.

Once you pick a certain finder your device’s Wi-Fi hotspot will be enabled to direct the finder towards you.

Finder Button

The finder button is used when you are looking for a parking spot, once tapped your current GPS location is automatically picked up and you are asked to hit the search button which automatically finds the switchers around you. Once you choose the specific switcher you would like to switch with, a window automatically opens showing you the minimum and maximum rewards, you as a finder have the option to pay either through credit or cash to the switcher and are asked to choose any amount between the minimum and maximum reward shown by the app.

Once the reward is agreed upon by the switcher, his/her mobile will turn on a Wi-Fi hot spot which will be detected by your phone, once paired the switcher’s current location will be accessible by you. In case your phone is not in range with the switcher’s Wi-Fi, the app. will automatically show you the distance and cardinal direction of the switcher’s Wi- Fi; once within 200 meters range your device will connect to the switcher’s hotspot and hence show you his location. All transactions will be done once you have availed your parking spot either through online confirmation or QR confirmation, as discussed above.

Switcher Parking History

This window shows the switcher his history of transactions showing all the information of his previous switches and also shows him the current switch that he is trying to complete. This window has two tabs one for regular users and another for agents who have private parking lots.

Switcher Parking History (for Agents)

This feature is available only for agents who own their own private parking and want to allow pre-booking of their slots, in this case the agent acts as a switcher and he himself sets the minimum and maximum reward limits for the finders. The switcher (agent) gets to decide to whom he would like to save the parking slots for. Each finder in this case is given his own unique identity code after he pre-books. The agent’s parking history saves all the identity codes for each individual finder and has a search bar which finds the unique QR code before the finder avails his pre-booked parking space.

Finder Parking History

This window keeps track of the history of rewards offered by you as a finder and allows you to review your current reward offers as well.


A review is given by the finder to the switcher and vice versa. This review will be seen by finder and switchers you communicate with in the future.

Settings and Help

Settings allow you to change the basic functions of your app and allows you to mute notifications, choose silent mode, change your display picture and name.

The help bar allows the user to better understand how to use the application and also better understand it.

  • Operation Mode

    There are two different operation modes in the application which are named B2B and B2C:

  • 1

    B2B is an abbreviation for business to business, in this case the application is used between an agent (switcher) and a finder, here the minimum and maximum reward is set by an agent for a certain slot that can be availed by a finder. In this case the agent has to have private parking that he can offer to a finder; once the switcher chooses a reward the finder receives a unique QR code and this QR code will be used to identify him by the agent before he avails his parking slots that were pre-booked.

  • 2

    B2C is an abbreviation for business to client, this is the way the app is generally used between a person who is about to switch parking spots (switcher) and the person looking for parking (finder). While using the app in this way there is no private parking lot involved and the reward is given directly to the switcher as he leaves the temporary parking spot and makes it available for the finder.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get parking without spending single penny?

Yes, you can get a parking with free of cost. We have an in-app credits for that.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards.

Can I be a switcher and finder both?

Yes, you can. Our app lets you to do so.

Can I withdraw my wallet amount?

Yes, you can but make sure you met with minimum withdrawal amount.

Download on Playstore

Currently available for Android only. We are working on other platforms and will be available soon. Follow us to get notified on further updates.

*Android Lollipop 5.0 and above.

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